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About SolarFlex Inc.

Incorporated in 2008, SolarFlex develops and implements solar food drying systems for small and medium scale commercial and humanitarian applications. The company was created in partnership with Malnutrition Matters, a non-profit food technology organization.

The first system was developed primarily to address food security issues and to promote microenterprise in developing countries. Given the great commercial potential of solar dryers, SolarFlex Inc. was created to serve the commercial market, and to promote the technology beyond social development situations. Malnutrition Matters benefits from business done by SolarFlex.

The company is developing strategic alliances in East and South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and in some developed countries in the West. Pilot projects have been started in India, Africa, St. Lucia and Hawaii. Manufacturing has been established, which has allowed for cost-efficient production, while the option remains for additional technology transfers to assemble some or all of the components.

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